17 July, 2018

Landed Foot on Mars in Plaza del Duque Shopping Center

Welcome to Mars, leave the boring planets behind and explore this, full of sneakers from other worlds. Enter the Martian universe of Foot on Mars in Plaza del Duque Shopping Center populated by shoes that give off a true lunar attraction. Born in 2013, the Foot on Mars franchise landed in Plaza del Duque Shopping Center to offer us a seat in their new ship and transport us to the red planet, where you will find a wide range of firms, collections and models that will help you stand out […]
9 March, 2018

M•A•C Cosmetics in Plaza del Duque

In the floor -1, kiosk H, opened its doors M·A·C  Cosmetics brand of professional makeup products that marks trend among the racks of Fashion Weeks around the world. M·A·C   is a brand that celebrates diversity and individuality respecting all races, all ages, and all genres, with products that adapt to all these diversities. They create trends and collaborate with fashion, art and culture. In your store, you can enjoy the wide variety of products of the brand, personalized advice on your purchase and a hand makeup service by Professional Makeup Artists.
3 January, 2018
Banner Ppal Boss Hugo Boss 2

Boss Hugo Boss opens its doors in Plaza del Duque

Boss Hugo Boss opens its doors a dedicated space designed to display all the masculine fashion of this prestigious Brand. Shoes, bags, jackets, pants, jackets and shirt yokes have their leading space in this exquisite Boutique in Plaza del Duque Shopping Center, in the floor 0, local 9.    
9 November, 2017

A new concept of fusion store in Plaza del Duque Shopping Center.

Kim Su is a new concept of fusion store between decoration, clothes and accessories. A space that can´t be labeled under a single category, can be described as elegant, decorative, a bit bohemian, a little ethnic, classic and contemporary, something very special and personal. Products native to Southeast Asia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia and other adjoining regions such as India; made of wood, metal, textiles, stones, they result in marvelously elaborated and wildly interesting quality products. The 80% of its products are made by hand, by handcrafted who work with care […]
6 October, 2017
Apertura-Stracciatella-Inglés (1)

The children’s fashion has a new site in Plaza del Duque with Stracciatella Moda Infantil.

Stracciatella Moda Infantil Store Plaza del Duque Shopping Center, a space with a variety of children’s clothes for all tastes and carefully selected by its owner of the Brands: Jottum, Tutto-Piccolo, Mayoral, René Derhy, Dolores Cortés (Swimmers), Siena , Miralles, AM Sousa.
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