9 November, 2017

A new concept of fusion store in Plaza del Duque Shopping Center.

Kim Su is a new concept of fusion store between decoration, clothes and accessories. A space that can´t be labeled under a single category, can be described as elegant, decorative, a bit bohemian, a little ethnic, classic and contemporary, something very special and personal. Products native to Southeast Asia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia and other adjoining regions such as India; made of wood, metal, textiles, stones, they result in marvelously elaborated and wildly interesting quality products. The 80% of its products are made by hand, by handcrafted who work with care […]
6 October, 2017
Apertura-Stracciatella-Inglés (1)

The children’s fashion has a new site in Plaza del Duque with Stracciatella Moda Infantil.

Stracciatella Moda Infantil Store Plaza del Duque Shopping Center, a space with a variety of children’s clothes for all tastes and carefully selected by its owner of the Brands: Jottum, Tutto-Piccolo, Mayoral, René Derhy, Dolores Cortés (Swimmers), Siena , Miralles, AM Sousa.
6 October, 2017

It opened a space dedicated to the beach fashion in Plaza del Duque: Paradise Canarien.

Opened its doors with a space with an exquisite design, with spacious and fresh spaces dedicated to the beach fashion: swimwear, polos and shirts for men, ladies, and also for boys and girls, handbags, or the brands: Tribal Chic, Watercult Swinwear, Basmar, Marino  Barcelona, John Frank Swinwear, Fyord y Ruga.
6 October, 2017

French fashion shirts in Plaza del Duque with Xoos

An elegant space dedicated to men´s fashion with a great variety of dress shirts and polos in different finishes, materials and colors.
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